1st Visit

After greeting you to our office, our staff will answer any questions you have concerning insurance coverage or other financial questions. We will ask you to fill out a case history so we can see if you have a chiropractic case. Next, during the consultation, Dr. Adkins will go over your case history with you followed by a chiropractic examination. If we feel necessary, and not contraindicated we will take x-rays of your spine. On your next visit we will go over your x-rays with you. Dr. Adkins will show you how your subluxations relate to not only your symptoms, but to your health and well being. Dr. Adkins will talk you through your first adjustment to alleviate any fears.

Don't get discouraged. It take years for spinal subluxations to manifest to symptoms. Small things you do are just the straw that broke the camel's back. Your spine had been drifting all that time while being asymptomatic. Many patients are difficult to adjust at first, and it takes time until their spine becomes manageable. Others adjust easily, but don't hold their adjustment at first. Most patients go through three phases: first they are hard to adjust, then easy, then they begin to hold their adjustment.

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