Just like adults, messages from the brain communicate with all parts of the body for growth, repair, and healing. When subluxations are present in infants and children, this interference interrupts that communication. After a chiropractic adjustment, nerve supply is restored. Communication from body to brain is improved and healing is allowed to occur resulting in an optimum health potential. Doctors of Chiropractic do not treat symptoms, instead they allow the body to function normally. Subluxations can occur during the birth process, therefore every newborn should be checked. Young children, through activities and accidents, should also be checked to remove any nerve interference in their spines.

Parents today are concerned that their children are healthy as possible. Growth and repair in the growing years depends on a good nerve supply from the brain to the body. Remember, nerves that exit the spine for pain are accompainied by nerves to cells, tissues, and organs. This life impulse gives children natural immunity and resistance. Chiropractic for children is a safe, natural, healthy lifestyle, and is the corner stone of Dr. Adkins practice for 35 years.

Children should be adjusted for better immunity, resistance and a better quality and quantity of life.

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Are children born without spines? They get subluxated like you.

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