Our Purpose

Is to remove interference from your spine so you can live up to you fullest potential. When every cell, tissue, and organ receives that life impulse from the brain without interference then function is improved. We look at all patients the same, they come in dim and leave bright. Newborns to senior citizens deserve to have 100% life whether they are sick or not, have symptoms or not, or feel good or not.

Why We Are Unique

We have developed a stress free practice that allows easy access to our care. After making an appointment for your first visit, our patients enjoy a no appointment, first come - first serve practice. We give you a treatment plan that is individualized for you. You participate in your health decisions, we don't pressure you, call you, or send you birthday cards. We want you to make quality decisions which will make you more comfortable choosing symptom care, reconstructive care, wellness care, or just tune-ups. The most unique aspect of chiropractic is still the chiropractic adjustment. This is our focus and our priority - to deliver a quality adjustment.

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